Martin Sandquist on: Crypto, Finance, and Becoming an Infinite Learner

Martin Sandquists recent book recommendations, trading advice, time allocation, and opinions about 4th turning, MeToo, and Blockchain.

Martin Sandquist is the Co-founder of Lynx Asset Management, one of the biggest hedge funds in Europe. They’re classified as a CTA (commodity trading advisor) and have +70 employees. Martin is no longer active in Lynx. He now spends most of his time managing money and trading on his own.

In this conversation you’ll learn:

-Martin’s 30/30/30/10 time-management method
-The 4-step formula that explains most extraordinary business success
-Why Martin doesn’t call people up for his trades and insists on keeping his ideas to himself
-His 10 book recommendations
-What Martin learned from George Soros (and why he keeps Alchemy of Finance on his night stand)
-What Martin learned from Ray Dalio and Bridgewater
-How to put together a Dream Team in finance

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