Finanskursen 2019

En andra intervju med investeraren Erik Townsend om guld, Bitcoin och Blockchain

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Intervju med Erik Townsend

Erik Townsend is a retired software entrepreneur turned hedge fund manager and host of the Macrovoices Podcast. Throughout his career, Erik has capitalized on his ability to understand complex systems and anticipate paradigm shifts far in advance of the mainstream.
A teenage computer protégé, he spent most of his high school years at MIT’s Artificial Intelligence laboratory, where he taught himself several computer programming languages. Erik became an independent software development and design consultant to Digital Corporation’s manufacturing systems technology group at age 17. By age 20 he owned his first private aircraft.
In today’s episode we pick up the talk from episode 34 of Future Skills
Once again we cover a lot of ground, including Erik’s views on decision making & strategy, technological progress such as automation, and his current views on gold, oil and Tesla. We also talked about the process of writing and publishing his book “Beyond Blockchain
Not least we talked about Erik’s views on cryptocurrencies and what could come after Bitcoin.
In this episode you’ll learn:
  • That writing a book is easier than many claim
  • But publishing and selling in large numbers is a special game of its own
  • Why a global distributed ledger digital but gold backed currency is the logical development beyond the blockchain
  • Why Tesla is still a zero
  • When the USD could lose its reserve status
  • Why and when the price of gold in USD could drop by 25 per cent or surge by 500 per cent

Finanskursen 2019

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