Finanskursen 2019

Intervju med futuristen Martin Ford

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 Martin Ford

In this Christmas episode we talk to futurist Martin Ford, popular speaker and author of bestselling books Rise of Robots and now Architects of Intelligence.

This episode can be seen as the finale to the last three (#43 – robotics and #44 – global problems). We discuss where the future of AI, robotics, and other high-tech fields seems to be headed, based on the existing research and the lay of the land. Most important – Martin clarifies what might be reasonable to expect in terms of future progress in these areas, based on what he’s learned from talking to the 23 leading innovators in these fields.

Here’s a rough outline of the conversation:

  • What is a robot? Martin’s definition.
  • Is Martin positive or pessimist about the future in general? Will the job market be more or less mismatched in 10 years?
  • The Protestant Work Ethic is now mismatched to highly technological economy; how can we shift this value/tradition?
  • Universal basic income – could it work? Is it compatible with open borders?
  • What did Martin Learn from the 23 Architects of Intelligence? (Demis Hassabis, Nick Boström, Ray Kurzweil, Geoffrey Hinton, etc)
  • What’s an evolutionary network vs neural network?
  • The leading AI companies – what are they up to?
  • Why bundling & leveraging existing technology in business model will be paramount.
  • Can normal people invest in AI startups?
  • Longevity escape velocity – and will Ray Kurzweil live forever?
  • Deep Mind + will Google achieve AI monopoly?
  • What are some Future Skills recommended by Martin?

Finanskursen 2019

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