Intervju med geopolitiska experten Pippa Malmgren

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pippa malmgren

Pippa, short for “Philippa”, is a tech entrepreneur and a geopolitical consult. She has authored several books, including “Signals”, and “Geopolitics for investors”.

In this conversation we focus on her most recent book “Leadership Lab” and learn about important neglected skills of good leaders and why managers keep getting blindsided by well-known trends.

We talk about important megatrends like Big Data and the internet of (surveillance) things and how to adapt to technological change.

Pippa is extremely productive, something she attributes to mostly working at just 80% of capacity.

Among many thought provoking ideas, we discussed see-through clothes, why even Philippa Malmgren finds resistance to her suggestions, and why you should replace your ToDo list with a Be list.

Finally we get to know how Pippa does her best work while she appears to be sleeping in, why culture eats strategy for breakfast, and how eyes can’t see clearly if imagination is out of focus.

Finanskursen 2019

Presenteras av Mikael Syding

*Lär dig grunderna av värdeinvestering och hitta billiga företag

*Samla dina investeringsidéer och gå igenom dem systematiskt

*Förstå den mänskliga faktorn: Självkännedom, psykologi och risk